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With a voice as cozy as a goose-down duvet and as clear and sparkling as spring water, Roz Corral is that rare sort of jazz singer who makes it all seem deceptively easy. Obviously influenced by Carmen McRae, Corral traverses 11 well-known standards with the panache of a born storyteller, investing the likes of Sondheim's "Anyone Can Whistle," Mercer's "Something's Gotta Give" and Pinocchio's "I've Got No Strings" (a particular standout) with unfailing charisma.
     Given the impeccable quality of her musicianship, it is no wonder Corral was able to corral a bounty of top players for her recording debut. Indeed, it's hard to imagine a recording neophyte (though refreshingly, no youngster) in better company than pianist Bruce Barth (who doubles as Corral's coproducer), bassist Larry Grenadier, reedman Steve Wilson, guitarist John Hart, trombonist Steve Davis and drummer Jeff Ballard. Nor is it any wonder that authorities no less than Fred Hersch and Mark Murphy have dubbed her respectively, "the real deal" who "always goes to the heart of a song."

     — Christopher Loudon, JazzTimes, August 2005

Sure there have been more discs from female jazz singers now than at almost any other time, but they've enabled us to find women whom we might not have had the good fortune to find before - women who understand the tradition, choose their material carefully and care about telling a story. Roz Corral started her musical life as a cabaret singer but began in the late '80s to be serious about jazz. Studies with bebopper Barry Harris deepened her approach to song and it's revealed in its many colors on Telling Tales. This is not about lying but about the importance of narrative and finding truth. The tunes here are all standards in one way or another - there's music from film, from Broadway, from the pen of a contemporary wizard and more - and Corral, with her dark, rich vocal instrument and a simple, refined sensibility that encompasses jazz and a whole lot more, finds the essence of all of them. With her co-producer Bruce Barth (he also plays piano here) and a handful of modern masters, she has created an album of mostly quiet delights. Who sings anything from Pinocchio anymore? From a scat intro accompanied only by Larry Grenadier on bass, Corral bursts forth in a lovely celebration of freedom on "I've Got No Strings". Barth is smart and tasteful all the way through both as a pianist and as arranger (check the harmonically rich beginning of "Too Close for Comfort") and the players contribute heartily to the overall sound.
     — Donald Elfman, All About Jazz

Roz Corral's debut recording is a pick-me-up CD filled with lyrical tunes well-handled. Corral shows up as a charming new presence in the cd market, and Telling Tales is an apt name. According to Merriam Webster, telling means: carrying great weight and producing a marked effect: effective, expressive. And so she is. Roz Corral brings a light-handed honesty and emotional depth to her collection of American Songbook tunes. While the songs are familiar, her sprightly interpretations dance over our old notions of how they should be sung. Thus, leaving us feeling as refreshed as after an icy lemonade on a hot day with a little bite of jitterbug in "Let's Face the Music and Dance" and a crescent moon of mystery in "Out of This World." Roz Corral's joy in singing and sharing her song rings through each number in the collection. If that weren't enough, she has drawn together a sterling group of musicians to play with in both senses of the word. As a first CD, Telling Tales promises great things to come from this talented, authentic singer.
     — Pam Guthrie, jazzreview.com

Post-bop fans as well as vocal fans have a reason to look to Roz Corral's debut album, Telling Tales. This is the tale of an impeccable fusion of a seasoned, confident voice, singing well-written, enjoyable tunes with a swingin' modernist combo.
     Often such attention to lyrics by arranger, singer and musicians alike is not given. This is the beauty of Telling Tales. The album tells a sort of musical story that is richly illustrated and comes full-circle emotionally; up, down, around, and finishing upbeat again. The icing on the cake is Roz Corral's voice; with distinctive timbre that isn't too much, and a delivery that's right-on on each and every note.

     — Paul Lewis, All About Jazz.com

Her recent Telling Tales reveals a singer of graceful flow and buoyant spirit surrounded by a top-notch band and ably supported by pianist Bruce Barth.
     — Steve Smith, Time Out New York

Her recording debut proves a winner, as Corral dives in and comes up full of life. Corral has latched onto a solid ensemble of improvising musicians who help her make this affair unique.
     — Jim Santella, Cadence Magazine

The singer's got a rep for giving her band members lots to work with--meaning she's just as much an improviser as a saloonster. She's just released Telling Tales, a disc that's proud of its esprit. From the bounce of "Anyone Can Whistle" to the scat of "I've Got No Strings," you can tell she's an optimist. Hip band, too.
     — Jim Macnie, Village Voice

She finds the heart of a song's message, as contained in the lyrics; then she finds the best way to convey that message musically, in a timbre adult, throaty, and knowing. Telling Tales may be her first album, but this is no ingenue; her command of phrasing proves that.
     — Neil Tesser, Co-host Listen Here!, The public-radio jazz review

"...her warm voice is quite individual. She swings, sticks close to the melody and lyrics, and is a very capable storyteller. Roz Corral is impressive throughout and this is an excellent debut, easily recommended."
     — Scott Yanow, All Music Guide

In these days, when gorgeous young girls release a CD just as they enter adulthood, it's refreshing to hear the honest lyricism of a woman who knows something about life. That's what we get on singer Roz Corral's too-long delayed debut CD.
     She has a mellow voice, good range, excellent diction and phrasing. She also had taste when she chose her program. Composers Harold Arlen, Irving Berlin, Johnny Mercer, Rodgers and Hart, Dave Frishberg and Stephen Sondheim are all represented.
     My favorites include Frishberg's "Wheelers and Dealers," and Rodgers and Hart's "Little Girl Blue"

     — Dick Bogle, The Skanner, Portland Oregon

At long last, Roz Corral has a CD on the market, so that a wider audience can enjoy the artistry of this terrific New York City-based vocalist. "Telling Tales" (Blujazz - 3335) is aptly named, as Corral is an effective communicator of lyrics, and the program is replete with lyrics worthy of her efforts. The selections are "Too Close for Comfort," "Wheelers and Dealers," "Little Girl Blue," "I'll Never Be the Same," "Anyone Can Whistle," "Let's Face the Music and Dance," "I've Got No Strings," "Change Partners," "Out of This World," "Say It Isn't So" and "Something's Gotta Give." She has a rich sound that lends itself well to the vocal shadings at which she is so adept. Having the likes of Bruce Barth on piano, Steve Wilson on reeds, Steve Davis on trombone, John Hart on guitar, Larry Grenadier on bass and Jeff Ballard on drums is a definite plus. Recently, Corral introduced this release at a gig at the Jazz Standard in Manhattan. The room was packed for two sets, and there was a strong turnout of other singers, all of whom were thrilled by Roz's performance, and her appearance at one of the city's major jazz venues. While this may be Corral's first recording, it has a maturity, also readily on display at her Jazz Standard show, that is the result of many years of constant gigging in the city that is most demanding on performers in any genre of music, and especially so of jazz singers. May this disc be the first of many!
     —Joe Lang, Jersey Jazz

"She has a freedom of phrasing and rhythm that, for me, are the essence of jazz singing."
     — Bruce Barth, pianist/composer/producer

"...Roz always goes to the heart of a song."
     — Mark Murphy, Jazz Vocalist

"Roz Corral has wonderful pitch, a velvet tone, world-class diction and a great sense of swing. But more importantly, she really connects to everything she sings and makes it come alive and sound new. In this day of young wanna-be jazz singers, Roz Corral is the real deal."
     — Fred Hersch, Pianist, Composer

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